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About Me

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Hello, My name is Jordan Meuser and I am an aspiring Videographer and Camera Operator. I have loved working as a team since my days of creating the morning announcements for our schools broadcasting club. I only figured out what I wanted to work in as I learned more about the filmmaking and creative process through my studies Portland State University. I am a dependable, adaptable, and proficient collaborator with professional camera operation and videography experience on the highest stage of live production. I hope to be working with you soon.


  • Canon DSLR proficiency

    • C70, C100-300, 5d, Eos Rebel

  • Blackmagic Proficiency

    • Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Premiere, AfterEffects Microsoft Office

    • Word, Powerpoint, Excel

  • Professional Set Experience

  • Livestream Filming Experience

  • Worked with Professional Athletes

  • Worked Professional Live Events

  • Organizational Skills

  • Managerial Skills

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